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Pretty Good Day

It's been a pretty good day so far. 

After giving our most vehement "thumbs-down" hand signals, I yelled at pro-lifers holding signs outside of Planned Parenthood on the way to the Park-n-Ride with 2 good friends this morning.  "Hey, we're going to a farmers market!  Do you wanna come?  We're going to a far-mers mar-ket!"  (SK thought this was a bad idea because the lady standing next to the 4x4 dead fetus sign might actually realize that what we were doing was way more fun than what she was doing.  Which was the point, wasn't it?)  She rudely ignored our invitation.  I may or may not have added more quietly that we were going to the farmers market to get abortions with rusty hangers, but I don't think she heard that part if I did.  She just didn't want to go to the farmers market with us, I guess.

Then we took the lightrail to the farmers market.  It's getting warmer, but the weather's still tolerable.  We bought lattes, and a few other delicious things, like fresh eggs, tortillas, an onion, mixed beans, and a cheese croissant from a Frenchman.  It was divine.

Then we had some salad and cheese and vegetarian bbq sandwich at the store nearby.  It was good. 

We did not get abortions.  We don't want abortions.  For the record, nobody does.  Nobody is Pro-Abortion.

Then we came home.  It's nice and cool in my apartment, and it's almost time to take a nap.

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