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Even Marilyn bit her nails....

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Starbucks can read your mind (please don't sue me for Libel)

 Apparently Starbucks coffee is so advanced now that it can tell when you are mocking it.  I don't know when they started using those little green plastic things to block the sippy hole on the lid, but I was thinking this morning, after I'd set my coffee (sans little green plastic thing) and my purse on the back of my car to search for office keys, that they were stupid and a waste and just annoying, like, Oh, we're Starbucks, we think of EVERYTHING, we're soooo clever, blah, blah....Well, as soon as I lifted my purse and coffee up a few big drops of coffee fell overboard to land obviously on the white paint of my car's trunk.  I got mine, I guess, Starbucks.  I got mine. 

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