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Rules of attraction?


Have you ever noticed someone unnervingly, alarmingly, almost dangerously attractive?  This is different than saying they are the most attractive or most beautiful person you've ever met, so it's not necessarily that you just feel intimidated or inferior; they are attractive in a way that puts you at unease.  Like a Sexiest-Man-Alive-meets-Unabomber kind of look?  Yeah, that kind.

Such was a man I saw the other night, and have seen once or twice before.  This time he was less a phantom hidden in dive bar shadows and a little more accessible for closer study, like a neon butterfly pinned under blacklights.  A number of times I got a good look at his face, about five or ten years older than mine, and as he stood right behind me for a few minutes at the bar, ordering his pitcher of beer, I could feel his energy slowly drifting out of him and onto me.  Closer up was even more frightening because it just confirmed, rather than dissipated, any attraction and anxiety.  Neither were able to be dismissed by way of accusing 'mystery' as their cause. 

I could just as easily have stared into his strange blue eyes all night as I could have run the other way and never looked back.  He was at once magnetic and repulsive. 

Though perhaps slightly more magnetic...since I'm talking about him today....


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