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I forgot to tell everyone I saw a burning car on the 60 a while ago.  As soon as I got onto the on-ramp and saw it, I immediately had the urge to turn around and get off.  The surrounding construction made it feel even more like a trap.  I had to get closer and closer.  I tried to keep as far from it as possible, but no one would let me in the next lane.  The flames rose 5 or 10 feet in the air, maybe more.  The smoke seemed to gush into the sky like water from a broken hydrant.  I wondered if the car could blow up, but I later learned most newer vehicles have safeguards against that kind of thing (Guess all those nights researching cotton gins and steam engines were a waste?).  There were one or two cops there, but no firemen yet.  Everyone slowed down while driving by.  It felt like a long time to stare at a burning car.


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